Luxury Gourmet Cruise -Concerto-

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Welcome to our luxury gourmet cruise -CONCERTO-

  • Travelling in our cruise allows you to enjoy gourmet food while appreciating Kobe’s attractive scenery at the same time.
    Our gourmet meals include creative Cantonese dishes carefully prepared by our present top chef, world-renowned Kobe Beef and Japanese Teppanyaki (hot-plate grill). What’s more, for lunch and afternoon tea, we provide live performances of classical music.
    As for dinner, there will be live Jazz performance.

  • From our cruise, you can see the city of Kobe, the sea and the sky integrating into one attractive scenery. During the day, the view is comfortable and broad. You can appreciate the scenery unavailable on land.

  • From the night cruise, the scenery is glittery and eye-catching.This romantic and attractive atmosphere is the most suitable way for enjoying good food and wine with your loved ones, while appreciating Kobe’s amazing night view.

  • Wedding ceremony on the cruise may be held on the deck or indoors.

  • For wedding reception, you may reserve the full boat or a single room.

Cruise Schedule

Lunch Cruise Tea Cruise Twilight Cruise Night Cruise
12:00~14:00 14:30~16:00 17:15~19:00 19:30~21:30

Boarding Fees

Lunch Tea Twilight Night
Adult 2,900 2,200 2,500 2,900

*In Japanese yen

Course Fees

Cruise Information and Reservation

For more information about Romantic Concerto and reservations, please contact Concerto Reservation Center.
We always look forward to your inquiries.

■ Please pay by Credit card on website(,
If choose Teppanyaki Kaji-Boshi-Course(16,500yen), Kobe-Beef-Course(20,000yen) and Special-Menu(30,000yen).


■ Please contact us 3 days before, if you will cancel a reservation.
■ A cancellation fee (100%) for No-Shows.
■ About Cancel Fee
Prior 6 to 3 days 20%
Prior 2 days to before sail time 50%
After above (sail time) 100%

1-6-1, Higashi-Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, 650-0044


TEL : 078-945-8424 (10:00~19:00)

Please dial Japan’s country code when calling outside Japan

+81-78-945-8424 (10:00~19:00)

Please make reservations and inquiries from here


Attractions available for viewing from the cruise: ※ Please kindly understand that visions can be affected due to various weather conditions.
Please kindly understand that cruising itineraries are subject to changes due to other activities, weather conditions, etc.


TEL : 078-945-8424 (受付時間 10:00~19:00)