Welcome to luxury gourmet cruises

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Welcome to luxury gourmet cruises- Romantic Concerto

・Our ship is on reservation -only system
・You can reserve from two months to two days before.
・Fill out the reservation form with date,time,cuisine
・Pay out at the check-in counter on the day you come.
・Cancellation policy doesn't work till three days before the day you have reservation
・After our confirmation of your reservation, we send you mail back in two days

Name (*)
Address (*)
Phone Number (*)
Mail Adress (*)
Boarding Date (*)
cf.( Jan.20.2014 )
Boarding Time (*)
cf.( 12:00~14:00 / 14:30~16:00 / 16:45~18:30 / 19:00~21:10 )
Cuisine Type (*)
cf.( chinese A course 5,000yen / Teppanyaki A course 5,500yen )
Member (*) (Adult)

(Primary school person)


TEL : 078-360-5600 (受付時間 10:00~19:00)